colin and dana

colin and dana



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Let’s Whisper used to be the sweet bedroom pop duo project of Colin Clary and Dana Kaplan. They have been writing dreamy soft songs and recording them together as Let’s Whisper since 2003. They live in Burlington, Vermont.

Since 2011 Let’s Whisper has become the awesome 3-piece band of Colin Clary, Dana Kaplan and Brad Searles!  Brad is a Vermonter who plays the drums and currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts. So we are a bit of a commuter band, but we make it work because we love working together.

Let’s Whisper have released 2 eps, “Make Me Smile” and “Keep a Secret,”  and  a full-length album, “The Shortest Days,” on WeePOP! records of London. This winter will see the release of their new 10″ album, “As Close As We Are,” also on WeePOP!

Their home recordings are what they make when they are “whispering” together.  Their new record is what they made in a recording studio when they visited Marlborough Farms in Brooklyn this past October.